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A JS weekend project.


When I browse a new Youtube channel, I often go straight to the most popular videos they released until then, to find their best content. The problem is that Youtube displays all the most viewed videos since the channel was created, and that is not always relevant or ideal for me. I want to be able to filter their content more finely, for example to only see the most popular videos released in the past month, or year.


So on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I went through Youtube API’s documentantion, quickly prototyped, and built a small application – optimized for the desktop experience – to do exactly that. Now I can search for a Youtube channel’s name or description, grab its ID, apply query and date filters, and search for the most popular content that I am interested in.


To optimize speed of development and performance, I built the application using modern JavaScript techniques, such as Promises, fetch, and ES6 syntax.

I utilized moment.js to manipulate time and date information, and Handlebars to build semantic templates and render the search results; everything else is Vanilla JS.

The CSS was written in Sass and compiled with Gulp.

As this is an open source project, you can read or download the code on the GitHub repository.