Client: BENMEDIA, Ottawa, ON (Canada)

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Website Design and Development for BENMEDIA.

The Project

BENMEDIA, a modern ad agency based in Ottawa, ON, needed a new website to showcase their values, present their services and generate connections.

The Solution: Design and Development

After aquiring the relevant information about the firm, their unique selling points and purpose, a styleguide was drafted – alongside a Balsamiq wireframe – to determine the feel and layout of the pages, and to ensure a consistence look across the website. All the pages were then individually designed in Sketch both in a desktop and a mobile context, and all the interactive elements prototyped.

To provide ease of content editing and data entry for the client, the website was then developed as a responsive custom WordPress solution, leveraging the flexibility of custom post types, taxonomies and fields, while keeping in mind search engine friendliness and performance.

“Riccardo did a fantastic job, I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Tyler Benoit — Chief Creative Officer & President at BENMEDIA

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